Day 1 Fitchef Challenge 


CHOOSEDAY they say! And that it was.
@REALTALKKIM says ” you’re not born a winner, you’re not born a looser. You are born a chooser!”

I agree! There is something so valuable in having the ability to choose. (That’s why ‘CHOOSEDAY’, see what I did there?) 

Choosing to get up and go at it! Everyday is a choice.

First up a little workout. I’ve downloaded an app called Seven. It’s a 7 minute workout and you can adjust its intensity and add any amount of circuits to your routine. Quite fun for us beginners.

7.30am Breakfast-FItchef ready prepared Rolled oats. A reasonable portion size and quite a pleasant meal. 

Mid morning and I downed the FGS Spinach and fruit smoothie. All smooth sailing until about 11. 

11.15 am HANGRY- recent addition to the dictionary meaning hungry and angry

Not easily waylayed, I opted for regular black tea with half a sachet of sucralose and a stick of gum.


Lunch. tasty and filling.

12.30 pm Lunch

4.30 pm Another FGS smoothie and 40g of Biltong

Boerwors bredie and sweetpotato mash

6.30pm Dinner

 Drink lots of water. I flavored mine with slices of lemon. 

 If it is to be, it is up to me.

No one is responsible for my choices but me. I’m choosing to make a better choice.


21 Day Fitchef Challenge 

Tomorrow begins the first day of my 21 day Fitchef challenge!!!

Can you say HOoRAH?! Like navy seal “HOO RAH!!!”


whats in the box???


21 Days of Clean Eating right in my home! Cannot wait to get started


Listen, I’m gonna need all the hoorahs,  Amens and possibly cash bribes humanly possible!!

 See I have been sort of a lifelong dieter. You know the kind that is all for having dinner out on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, with heartfelt promises of making a fresh start on Monday? 

And when faithfully, good ol Monday does roll around, I had most likely forgotten to prepare healthy meals in advance- cause yes I had been out to dinner the night before…  And then by 11 am will snap at just about anything and am shaking so badly from sugar deprivation  and rapidly descending insulin levels that a pie and a Coke just doesn’t sound like a bad nutrional choice – especially because I choose the spinach&feta version. After all that’s a bona fide source of dairy and veg right there!!! And bust goes that good intention! But just wait… next Monday…..

Don’t look at me like I’m the only reason why SA is now third on the world list of obese countries!!! Put down that Cinnabon and listen up!!
3 healthy meals and 2 ready prepared smoothies for 6 days of the week and there’s some yummy treats to be had too! All clean eating. No added sugar or any of those other nasty stuff my palate has grown so accustomed to. 

All Thats needed is to defrost them the night before and enjoy the convenience of having a ready prepped, healthy nutritious meal wherever I go. 

I’m super stoked. Especially because I’m a part of a small, really fun focus group who will be motivationing each other every step of this our new journey. Heralding the beginning of the end of bad food choices and endless dieting.

a selfie with Liz before the challenge begins. This pic is actually to remind her, when i get a bit crabby – that actually im a nice gal💁🏼

Thanks to Liz Kullmann, registered dietician and nutrition consultant who will be holding my hand (mostly to stop me from opening any candy)! And providing support in the coming weeks.

I’m hoping that you will follow my story and cheer me along if  I become a bit weary or feel a bit sugar deprived. Send me your success stories and tips on clean eating. 

Here’s to the first day of the rest of my life xx🍾

Gardening for the soul

Of late I haven’t been cooking much and so at the end of every week I find myself having to toss out veggies that are growing whole families in my vegetable basket! Now even though I haven’t been diligent with my fresh produce, I am very diligent about throwing all of my kitchen waste onto the little compost patch outside of my kitchen door. Mainly just because all I have to do is just to toss the peels and cuttings out through the open door without much effort! 

Now imagine our great surprise  the other day when weeding the garden. Lo and behold all of those horny eyed potatoes that I had tossed out, were actually growing into beautiful potatoe plants!

I’m thinking..

Isn’t life just a little bit like that at times? Sometimes we say something to someone and those very words could have been all that they needed to hear to lift them up or to set them free or to give them a glimmer of hope. Sometimes giving someone a gap in the traffic, could have been all they needed to get to that job interview on time, or to pick up their sick child from school. Sometimes just a small smile could be all that someone might need just to let them know that someone cares.

Seeds are intricate miracles all by themselves. In their simplest form, they will only produce after their own kind. Apple seeds , inevitably will produce an apple tree. Tomatoe seeds will produce tomatoes.

Seeds are no small thing.

In an imperfect world, iv come to realize that often enough the seed of kindness or love or generosity that we might sow in one persons life, might not bear fruit right then and there. In that, that person may never reciprocate or that we may never taste the fruit of our seed in their lives. They may never listen to your long stories for hours on the phone, they may never babysit your kids as often as you do theirs or remember to send you a birthday card. 

Take heart. Seeds will always produce after their own kind. Somewhere someone else is just waiting to love on you, to show you kindness beyond what you’ve expected, to generously and lavishly share their sweet fruit with you.

Whatever a man sows, so shall he reap. 

Today I say be unrestrained in your giving, love with wild abandon, passionately share your kindness. Grow where you are planted. Flourish in your space. Serve your gift without compromise.

Sow your best seed wherever you find yourself today.. Harvest time could be just a smile away..

Love is the key

Over the  past two years or more I have have grown estranged from a very close relation. Sadly after such a long time the lines have become blurred and I don’t think that either of us really know where the key lies. The key which opened the door to years of non communication and resentment.

What had transpired was very hurtful, I know that much. And over the years I have spent many hours pondering on this. What I could have done differently, what part of the blame was mine, who said what and when it had all begun to go awry.  I comforted myself in the knowledge that as far as I knew,I had done nothing wrong.. To be honest I left the blame with the perpetrator – which of course was not me.

This week something inside me changed. When I took a closer look at the aching heart inside of my own self. When I turned from the outward projection of a distorted mirror , I realized that the mirror was veiled subtly in deathly Pride. Seductively, secretly disguised as heart wrenching hurt- Pride. The root of the unforgiveness and the resentment and the bitterness I was feeling-Pride. And I was the perpetrator.Guilty of clutching so tightly to its stifling fruit of  arrogance and conceit.

And so this weekend, when I finally managed to put my pride aside, when I cast off its burdensome weight, and was able to see with unveiled eyes the wounds I have been inflicting upon my own heart. I was finally able to walk, not unfaltering into the light of liberation.

I called up this person. Incessantly. And finally realized that she was deliberately not taking my calls.

How naive I was to think that just because I had a revelation, that someone else was jointly responsible for it. And so just as I had painstakingly arrived at that door of light, it seemed to close, nay slam shut !right in my pretty face. You see the thing with pride or unforgiveness is that it holds no one else ransom but you. And I have grown tired and weary under its weight.  But not for one minute more. And just having taken this first step has left me feeling so relieved. Lighter. Unburdened. Unchained. Free.

It took so much courage to approach the matter. The fear of rejection, the pain and the loss which had become such a crutch over the years, has given way. I cannot force anyone into reconciliation, but I can reconcile my own heart. And that’s the key.

I have managed to get a message to this person. She’s indicated that she isn’t ready to reconcile with me. 

And that’s ok. 

Love is the key.

Each day we are given a choice. We choose how we will interact with and in this world. How we will respond or how we will react. Whether we walk or whether we run.

Today I choose the path of joy. I choose peace. I choose love…


Good Morning

Im spending a most decadent morning at the charming little countryside respite which is  The Miss Grace restaurant and coffee shop. Situated just off Kliprivier road in the picturesque south of Johannesburg.


Perfect for a pretty cuppa in a most peaceful setting.

Happy 1st of April.🌸

Beer battered fish

Since we’re all friends over here, I might as well confess to you, that I never ever bake my own fish. Don’t judge me now. We’re friends remember. 

My tactic is to always arrive at my moms with what just happens to be all the ingredients; Start up a great conversation in the kitchen, then start messing about with the said ingredients. Soon enough my mom grows impatient  with my tedious attempt,shoves me out the way and expediently bakes up a faultless batch of fillets! 

Today I’m attempting it solo. And in my own kitchen!

 My momma will be super impressed! 


Tuesday thoughts

I had the wonderful privilege of spending some time away at a friend’s beach house this past week. Waking early each morning and spending the day’s dawn just staring out to sea. 

Resplendently magnificent.

Beautifully designed.

Unspoilt. Uncomplicated.

So is the nature of creation.

I’m thinking…

Today I purpose  to find beauty in the smallest things. To be grateful with that which I have been given and to find contentment in the relationships,the friendships, the situations which I am entrusted with.

Here’s to a Tuesday filled with all things beautiful 🐚🐬